Belichka Burn Focus: Why Cacao Butter Helps Melt Fat + BONUS Recipe

One of the key factors for maximizing the benefits of your keto diet is finding foods that don’t just fit a keto diet, but foods that enhance your ketosis.

That’s why for Belichka, it was essential to use the perfect fat in our bars: cacao butter, organic and fair trade. Cacao butter provides the energy and metabolic edge that will help you crush your day.

The chemical composition of cacao butter is such that it’s a whole comprised of a few different fatty acids including arachidic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and the largest and most important one: Stearic acid, which comprises 34.5% of cacao butter’s mass.

Stearic acid is a major topic of interest right now because emerging research indicates it’s one of your body’s best keto allies.

For one, it’s cholesterol-neutral. That means you can consume it with greater frequency without fear of affecting your cholesterol balance.

Even more encouraging to health enthusiasts, recent studies have shown stearic acid can help your mitochondria produce better energy. That means more invigorating workouts.

Better yet, studies have shown stearic can slow your rate of digestion. That last really useful side effect: it keeps you fuller, longer.

This makes it even easier for you to keep your body in a state of ketosis when you don’t have to answer to pangs of hunger. Easier to stay focused, easier to get results.

There's even evidence that stearic acid may play a critical role in reducing visceral body fat, and thereby reducing the risk of many obesity related metabolic disorders.

So, when you need a food as fuel snack to get you through the day, snack smarter not harder. Try to incorporate cacao butter as a healthy source of your daily fat intake.

It’s a versatile ingredient and very easy to substitute into many recipes as the principal fat source –– there are tons of great uses.

One of our favorites around the Belichka office is this, a riff on a plant-based version of bulletproof™ coffee that serves as a ripping way to get your day started:

Belichka Brew Recipe

The beauty of a fatty enriched coffee is that extra energy boost you get with the caffeine rush – you’re up and you’re ready for anything.

Your brain and body both fire in overdrive and your taste buds are in flavor country.

It’s super easy to make at home. You just need the following:

  • A blender or food processor
  • 8-12 oz brewed coffee of your choice
  • 1 oz organic, fair trade cacao butter
  • One pinch sea salt
  • Monk fruit to sweeten (optional)


  1. Combine the coffee, cacao butter, sea salt and monk fruit in mixing device.
  2. Blend (process until creamy, foamy and emulsified)

It’s that simple.

Of course, from this basic recipe, feel free to spice it up! You can throw other adaptogens or herbal supplements such as mushroom powders or maca into the mix. Adding a few ice cubes before blending is also a refreshing option for warm weather. 

Our Belichka Brew is a delicious and buzzriffic way to add cacao butter to your life every morning. Enjoy!

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